April 2, 2023

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Enthusiasm for estrogen in Quebec does not weaken

Enthusiasm for estrogen in Quebec does not weaken

Excitement over the second dose of the estrogen vaccine in Quebec has not abated. After flying quickly in two days without an appointment at L’Ancine-Lorette this weekend, the vaccine caused a huge rush to the exposure on Monday, where the morning was most determined.

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According to the evidence collected Newspaper, The first people demonstrated themselves at the Center de Foyers Clinic at 4:30 a.m. Monday. Quickly, a long queue formed and between 6am and 7am it spread into the parking lot at the back of the huge building.

Of course, the wait was great, which discouraged some like Conrad Chabot returning home.

“I came back on board, it didn’t make sense,” said the man who finally returned at 10:30 a.m. a good decision. “I did well, it’s been five minutes and I’m on the way back, it’s going so fast,” he said.

Was happy despite the wait

Yet this is the appeal that CIUSSS launched last week. There is no point in showing up in the morning, there will be enough pots for all the people targeted by this vaccine assigned to those who received the first dose before April 3rd.

But many wanted to make sure they got their hands on the dose. This is the situation of Denise Sirois who was waiting for 2am on Monday morning. “The line was too long, but once we got there Good. We definitely wanted to have it, “said Lady.

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The same thing happens to Alphonse Haley and Lorette Latlippe, who arrived at Center de Foyers at 9 a.m. and left 2 hours later. The couple submitted to L’Ansein-Lorette on Saturday morning, but the two lovers were unable to receive their vaccine.

Enthusiasm for estrogen in Quebec does not weaken

“It’s hell on Saturday morning, we can not go home. It’s already too late at 7:15 am. We decided to come at 9am this morning, that’s for sure,” they said.

Despite this expectation, many came out with what one thought was a big smile under the mask. With two doses, they now have a “case fixed”.

“What we wanted was to have a second dose as soon as possible, the same would be calculated,” said Pauline Goudralt, who left the vaccination center and was able to take her second dose within six weeks. “Waiting a while ago is a distant memory when you were vaccinated.”

“However, the weather is not good enough to play golf,” said her husband, Denise Valois, with a laugh.

There is no hesitation

Over the past few days it seems that this excitement has not greatly frightened the Quebec people of the notoriety of the astrogenic vaccine.

On Monday morning, people met Newspaper They did not hesitate before accepting their second dose with this vaccine, even though the government gave them the opportunity to take it with Pfizer or Moderna.

“We don’t have any symptoms the first time, which is good,” Pauline Goudralt explains, “you don’t change the winning formula,” she agreed with Maxim.

The risk of further side effects with the vaccine change between the two doses also explained the decision by many. “We had no problems the first time, things should be fine again,” Marcel Poppin told himself.

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Astrogeneca: Success in Quebec

CIUSSS de la Capitol-National planned 560 doses in L’Ancienne-Lorette over the weekend and they were gone quickly. As per the morning works, 6,000 doses scheduled at Exposite and Laval University on Monday and Tuesday are likely to face the same fate.

A total of 50,000 people received the first dose of the estrogen vaccine in the Quebec City area. CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, in recent days, has opened the door to maintain the same kind of day without an appointment for their second dose of vaccine after April 3rd.

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