June 6, 2023

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Fundraising: For Operation Enfont Sole Telethon.5 Record 20.5 Million

Fundraising: For Operation Enfont Sole Telethon.5 Record 20.5 Million

For the second year in a row in the middle of the epidemic, donors were more generous than ever as part of Operation Enfont Soleil Telethon, which raised a record amount of 20,517,468 for 34.E Edit.

“Frankly, it exceeded our expectations! Julie Lemieux, President and CEO of Operation Enfont Soleil, Julie Lemieux.

“The public outcry at this point in the epidemic is absolutely unbelievable. We are lined up for an all-time record year,” she said last night.

Final total performance collected yesterday at Thetre Capital.

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Final total performance collected yesterday at Thetre Capital.

In 2020, it raised about $ 17 million, compared to 2019.1.1 20.1 million, which at the time was called a record year. Collected this year.5 The peak was broken with 20.5 million.

“We are so grateful and happy for the sick children who are experiencing this wave of love from the Quebeckers. It is to say to the children: We love you, there, we will not leave you, pandemic or not”, MTo me Outstanding

This money is paid to the pediatric and hospital centers, which then prioritize and communicate them to the organization.

Large amounts

Walmart, Costco and Loves Canada are the three largest corporate donors this year, with $ 3 million, $ 2 million and $ 700,000, respectively.

“Despite everything, this year we have partners who have shown a lot of creativity in reaching out to donors.To me Outstanding.

“There are also individual donors. I think people understand what detention means, I think they put themselves in the shoes of sick children, it lives on for some people all year round and I think it’s contributed to their errand,” she continues.

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Wal-Mart, which donated $ 1.1 million last year, will donate $ 3 million by 2019.

“The kids can’t wait. The pandemic, or the children are sick, so we want to find ways to outdo ourselves, ”commented Audrey Laurin, Operations Assistant for East Canada for the company.

“We have ways to do this, so it is our duty to do this,” she said.

More time together

Although the testimonials were recorded earlier, this year Telethon went live from Thetre Capital in Quebec City.

“We are lucky to have healthy children. We know not everyone is that good, ”said Sony Coutts, one of the guest artists at 2Frares. According to him, as a result of detention and telecommuting many people have found that they spend more time with their families, which may have contributed to the influx of er dar.