May 24, 2022

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Granby: The Pellan mural began to fall apart

Granby: The Pellan mural began to fall apart

Work began Monday to remove a mural of Alfred Pellan, who has decorated the MRC de la Hot-Yamasca building in Granby since 1958, two months after the decision was made to continue the work.

When the QMI agency visited on Monday afternoon, workers were busy clearing the space around “St. Patrick” from the old Irish school wall.

The city resigned to place the ceramic tile mosaic after an failed attempt to find a buyer earlier this year. An auction was held last March, but no offer was made despite 400 people attending the event, which took place via the internet.

The city then referred to the idea of ​​destroying the work of Alfred Pellan. However protests were heard from the cultural community. The work was saved at the last minute, with Minister of Culture and Information Nathalie Roy donating $ 50,000 to the operation to save the work.

Once demolished, the mosaic will be stored until the city finds a place to display it.

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