January 27, 2023

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Paris: Spot, a large gaming space that wants to magnetize all players

Paris: Spot, a large gaming space that wants to magnetize all players

In the heart of Paris, near the majestic Louvre is a paradise open 7 days a week for video game ts enthusiasts. You may have already noticed the front of its large blue store, but the XXL space (2000m²) fully dedicated to gaming and e-sport‌ opens its doors only on Wednesday, June 2nd. On three floors, it includes 40 brand new Sony PS5 and Nintendo switch consoles and 100 self-service PCs along with a TV studio and a competitive arena with 150 seats. Decorated with urban art, this well-lit place is the meeting place above all else. “This is not a place reserved for professional players and gamers, for all kinds of players who share the same passion, we target a family and female audience,” said Aaron Buckstein, project leader with former PSG president Robin Leprox.

“This is a unique and inclusive place in the world because other experiences in the United States or Asia have the content to align PCs and reproduce the masculine and competitive universe,” adds Robin Leprox, who concreted the 5-year project. Years.

Hybrid business model

Players sit there until 11pm with an entry ticket of 5 euros, which credits the game for half an hour. Then they top it off with packages like two euros or 12 euros for the weekend offer. However, it is a good idea to reserve a comfortable seat or play station for meeting friends or having a birthday party.

With a VIP area and two catering areas, it also wants to organize spot events, casplay competitions and afterthoughts. When working as a backdrop for commercial launches for brands. An activity focused on professionals aiming to turn a లియన్ 5 million project into a profitable one. It will take a year of work, including the laying of 22 kilometers of cables, to turn the former intersport into a key destination for the French video game scene.

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For 20 days, great streamers are invited to record their gaming sessions and invite their communities to pass. Word of mouth and some well-targeted social media campaigns should ensure popularity and the economic growth that goes with it. “It’s a The main one, An attractive flagship in the heart of Paris that aims to spread to other European capitals, ”said Robin Leprox.