May 21, 2022

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Canadian-Jets | Battle of the depths

Canadian-Jets |  Battle of the depths

(Winnipeg) You can get it now: The best forwards in the Jets as a group are more productive than the ones in the Hobbs.

Simon-Oliver LorenzSimon-Oliver Lorenz

You do not need to have much knowledge of observers to see this: when confronted against Mark Skyfile, Kyle Connor and Blake Wheeler Philip Donald, Jake Evans and Brendan Gallagher, no complicated mathematical model is needed to determine which trio is more threatening. And it is first charged with a defensive mission.

The difference is already less noticeable if the unit piloted by Nick Suzuki is measured against Paul Stastney. And behind them, we enter into this wonderful universe where anything is possible, thanks to the depth of proverbs, passionately sought at this time of year.

A few hours before the first game of the second round series between his team and the Jets, Suzuki was briefed on videoconference on Wednesday morning. “Everyone on this team is dangerous,” Corey Perry added.

Paul Morris, the Jets’ head coach, returned the compliment to Hobbes, saying he expected the two clubs to “use their entire bench”.

“Everyone has the opportunity to be a hero. ”

Judging by the statistics of both teams this season, the third and fourth lines of both teams – by relying on the current structures – provided practically identical offensive support in 2021. At the Jets camp, Adam Lowry and Nate Thompson’s units scored a total of 122 points in 319 games, averaging 0.38 points.

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For the Canadians, the current lines led by Jesperi Cotkamini and Eric Stall are 0.36 points per game – 108 points from 297 games.

The odds are a bit high when looking at the details of each trio, but one observation remains when looking at the average of points per game: with the exception of the first unit of the Jets, nothing stands out clearly.

At the jets

Connor-Skyfile-Wheeler: 0.98 point par match
Dubois-Stastney-Ehlers: 0.66 ppm
Cap-Lori-Yapilton: 0,54 ppm
Periolt-Thompson-Lewis: 0,22 ppm

At Canadian

Evans-Donald-Gallagher: 0,44 ppm
Tofoli-Suzuki-Cofield: 0.76 ppm
Byron-Cotkonimi-Anderson: 0.39 ppm
Army-Steel-Perry: 0.34 ppm

Forward Matthew Perrault recalls that in support of goalkeeper Connor Hellebuke, regardless of who he is playing for, the motto in his camp is to carry out a sinless defensive duty. Moreover, in a “well-balanced” attack, he is confident that there is enough talent in this structure to punish the opponent for his every mistake.

Speaking of numbers, every two teams deploy the same players at the end of their last series. Thus, at the Canadian, Tomas Tatar and Alexander Romanov are left out. Injured, Arthuri Lehkonen received the green light from the doctors to return, but we liked to stick to the monotonous structure to start the series.

Paul Stastney of the Jets has skipped his last two training sessions, but his coach has not indicated any changes.

Start of the match

The first minutes of Wednesday evening ‘s meeting will clarify the discussion on the virtues of relaxation between the two series. The Jets had a full week off from the fourth and final match against the Edmonton Oilers in the first round, but the Hubs only beat the Toronto Maple Leafs last Monday night. A long battle of seven games.

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According to Compilation of Tap, Rare instances like this, in recent years, the team is gaining its moment.

Paul Morris, who showers his opponent with compliments before the match, believes the Hobbs will benefit from an “emotional advantage” that will make the first 10 minutes of the match “crucial”.

Dominic Ducharm, a Canadian, sought “balance”. After all, he recalled, his team did well after a long vacation this season, following the outbreak of COVID-19, which had to rest for a whole week, and then before the series with the Leafs. Each time, his team gave a stellar performance after returning to work. So there is no reason why jets should not do the same.

However, Ducharm reiterated, “You always want to get off to a good start in every game of a season or series”. Undoubtedly nothing is more true than that.

The game, which takes place at the Place Bell MTS in Winnipeg, starts at 7:30 pm Montreal time.