June 7, 2023

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NHL: Sabers 1st pick, Kraken second

NHL: Sabers 1st pick, Kraken second

Buffalo Sabers may find solace after another season of hardship.

Sabers won the lottery to get 1st pick in the next NHL Draft. The new NHL expansion team, Seattle inherited the Kraken runner-up option.

General manager Kevin Adams’ list ended the last regular season with the worst record on the Betman Tour, recording just 15 wins in 56 games.

After seeing Connor McDavid speak out in the first round to escape them in 2015 for selection, Sabers did not get such a stroke of fate for this draft edition.

“This is a great moment for our team. Clearly, this is a very difficult year,” said Kevin Adams, General Manager, Sabers. “We are very excited and proud of this choice. It’s a step in the right direction.”

Sabers, which finished 31st overall, also won the lottery in 2018. With the first choice, they selected defender Rasmus Dahlin.

However, many agree that many hopes can stand, but many have seen their season damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the names that comes up when it comes to first choice is the University of Michigan Defense‌man Owen Power.

Sabers had the best odds at 16.6 percent for the first pick over Anaheim Ducks (12.1), Seattle Kraken (10.3) and New Jersey Devils (10.3).

Seattle beat Anaheim Ducks, who dropped to third for the draft. The New Jersey Devils are in fourth place as they are able to reunite the Hughes brothers, with defenseman Luca looking to be a fantastic opportunity in the blue. His brother Jack is the Devil’s first pick in 2019.

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Among Canadian teams, Canucks are ninth pick, 10th place Ottawa senators. Calgary Flames had their 12th pick in this first round.

Arizona Coyotes lost their first-round pick for violating the NHL prospect evaluation procedure by conducting fitness tests on non-draft-qualified players who are part of the lottery. Coyotes also had to give up their second round pick in the 2020 draft.

The NHL Draft will actually be presented on July 23-24.

Draft results

Rang Team
1. Buffalo Sabers
2. Seattle cracks
3. Ducks de Anaheim
4. Devils du New Jersey
5. Blue Jackets de Columbus
6. Red Wings de Detroit
7. Sharks de San Jose
8. Kings de Los Angeles
9. Vancouver Conks
10. Ottawa Senators
11. Black Hawks de Chicago
12. Flames de Calgary
13. Philadelphia Flyers
14. Stars de Dallas
15. Rangers of New York

Probability before draft for draw

Rang Team Probability (in percent)
1 Buffalo Sabers 16,6
2 Ducks de Anaheim 12,1
3 Seattle cracks 10,3
4 Devils du New Jersey 10,3
5 Blue Jackets de Columbus 8,5
6 Red Wings de Detroit 7,6
7 Sharks de San Jose 6,7
8 Kings de Los Angeles 5,8
9 Vancouver Conks 5,4
10 Ottawa Senators 4,5
11 Arizona Coyotes 3,1
12 Black Hawks de Chicago 2,7
13 Flames de Calgary 2,2
14 Philadelphia Flyers 1,8
15 Stars de Dallas 1,4
16 Rangers of New York 1,0