May 17, 2022

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Dark Horse Lance Saw Branch Gaming

Dark Horse lance sa branche gaming

Entering the dance in the race to publish a new competitor, and no less. True, Dark Horse has launched Dark Horse Games, which will take care of the Branch Publisher’s next games as its name suggests.

Umbrella Academy, Usagi Yojimbo or Hellboy also hide the same Dark Horse comics publisher behind these strong pop culture licenses. The publishing house, which until then had been reserved for paper, hopes to launch a gaming branch named Dark Horse Games soon. In addition, according to the statements of the director of the skeptical department, Johnny B. Lee seems to be doing well, we quote: “Dark Horse Games is actively negotiating with our best companies in the world to develop our games with our licenses (IPs), which will be published on all platforms in the coming years.. ”

Will we see a rusty robot game soon? Well yes and no. Because in this interview with GameBeat, Johnny B. Lee also talks to many studios and explains that he can see the daylight well before the end of the first quarter of the first AAA 2022.. Yes, next year, however, Triple AAA treatment will only be given for its major licenses, such as Hellboy, not to mention projects that are less expensive than the older or less popular ones. So yes, Triple AAA Quality Dark Horse Games on our consoles soon, but unfortunately it’s not our friend Rusty.