May 28, 2022

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New bridge near 40 in Repentigni?

New bridge near 40 in Repentigni?

To reduce traffic congestion coming from Highway 40 during rush hour, politicians are campaigning for a second link that crosses the L’Assumption River near Repentigne in Lanadier.

Jean Langlois, Municipal Councilor for the Democratic-Le Gardour Democratic Party (PDRL), submitted to the QMI Agency two spatial orientation studies commissioned by the city of Repentigni in 2003 and 2012.

“Considering the problems of connection and access through Highway 40, the width of the Brain Bridge and the construction of the second bridge on the axis of the Rue Walmont and Borg-Newf”, it was written. Filed in December 2003 by Enviram Group Conceal.

“These interventions allow the formation of a public transport loop circuit,” the study added.

So this bridge is 360 feet long and crosses the El Assumption River.

New bridge near 40 in Repentigni?


In 2012, the City again ordered a second report, this time from the town planning agency BC2.

“They come to the same road issues that the Enviram company has raised in the past,” Mr Langlois said. If we already had a traffic congestion problem 20 years ago, imagine today. ”

Martin Nadon, the mayoral candidate for PPRL, will begin his part with the Quebec government to include the bridge, if elected mayor.

“It doesn’t make sense that we have a single link in the 13th largest city in Quebec,” Mr. Nadon lamented.

He believes the Le Gardour sector is very close to being a “food desert” because there is only one grocery store with about 20,000 residents in the sector.

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“Provigo will burn tomorrow morning, these people have no groceries, that doesn’t make sense,” Mr Nadon said.

According to the MTQ, the Rivest Bridge in Boulevard Brian‌ is the only link between the northern and southern regions, where 30,000 vehicles circulate daily.