July 6, 2022

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Students, your $ 200 | Click Claim

Students, your $ 200 |  Click Claim

Dear students in vacation mode. Your last tests are already forgotten. You may leave school forever with your diploma in your pocket. But plan another short jump on your portal. This makes you net 200 net. So get your phone and set an alert for July 2nd.

Mary-Eve FournierMary-Eve Fournier

Quebec announced this in its budget in March. He plans to give financial incentives to 400,000 college and university students “to mitigate the impact of the health crisis.”

The time is fast approaching for the distribution of the allotted 83 million. Daniel McCann told me the details of the process starting in mid-summer.

To the Minister of Higher Education, the effort was a gesture of empathy for students who “felt a little forgotten” during the epidemic. “It’s a form of recognizing their resilience. It’s not an easy way to say thank you to them this year. […] We want to make a strong enough gesture to say “thank you”. She recalled that young people made efforts to protect the most vulnerable in society.

As expected, full-time students (four courses) are eligible for $ 100 for the Fall 2020 session and $ 100 for the Winter 2021 session.

I’m sure no one will go out of their way to take advantage of this gift falling from the sky ట్లయితే if they ask. Because unfortunately, it is not automatic.


Here’s how it works. Take notes!

First, specify that a portion of this total tuition fee will not be refunded. But even in Quebec it is not considered taxable income. In Ottawa? “We are in talks with the federal government. Clearly, we do not want this to be taxed, ”the minister told me at the end of the phone.

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You must earn at least 13,808 in 2021 to pay taxes.

To qualify for their money, students must fill out a form online from July 2 on the portal used by their CEGEP or their university (Omniwax, most often). Deadline for homework: March 15, 2022.

The information is sent to the Ministry of Higher Education, which analyzes each request to ensure it meets student standards. As seen with PCU, requests are processed in a way that avoids scams.

Since payments can only be made electronically, the Ministry will contact eligible students via email to obtain their bank details. Suspicious emails contain a secure link to enter information. Beware of the smart ones who can act as a ministry in the coming months!

Minister Daniel McCann expects the first deposits to begin in mid-September.

Can Quebec checks be sent using lists of names provided by CEGEPs and universities, to prevent students from going directly? Daniel McCann replied that she had chosen the “right method”. “Bank deposit is very easy. It is very safe. Mailing checks are so cheap. ”


I totally agree with recognizing the efforts of young people. It is true that their distance education courses are trying. However, student assistance is distributed not only to Quebecs, Canadians and permanent residents, but also to all foreigners. Even those who have never set foot in the province, preferring to take online courses from their country.

Our universities have about 40,000 full-time international students and nearly 5,000 CEGEPs. If Quebec pays them $ 200 each, the bill will reach $ 9 million. It may be less, because some may not qualify or study in two sessions. This is without counting all those who forget to claim this amount.

But we may still wonder about the eligibility of financial aid for students from abroad. In fact, some settle permanently in Quebec, at this point, $ 200 can be spent here …

Speaking of forgetting, don’t forget to schedule your July 2 alert. Rarely are a few mouse clicks paid too much.