November 30, 2023

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A large store dedicated to the Harry Potter universe has opened in New York

A large store dedicated to the Harry Potter universe has opened in New York

Hundreds of fans on Thursday, adorned with pointe hats and wizard costumes from Hogwarts, swallowed “buttermilk” and put on the Hagrid giant’s shoes, initially in New York, the largest store dedicated to the Harry Potter world.

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Hundreds of fans of the most famous magician apprentice lined up for hours in the rain for the first time to discover three floors completely dedicated to the world behind JK Rowling ined.

“It’s really magical,” said Margaret Suarez, whose boyfriend arrived at 6 a.m., four hours before the start of the schedule.


This 30-year-old fan quickly made a decision on the Witch Bellatrix Lestrange wand and action toys.

“In my heart, I’m a witch,” she told AFP. “I really want to have a wand and customize it to experience my favorite fantasy world.”

Reuben Juarez, 27, and his wife traveled long distances from Texas to open this 2000m2 store near the famous Flatiron building.

“We’m glad to be here. I love everything about Harry Potter,” the young man said, wearing a red and gold striped griffindor scarf around his neck.


Police officers formed a long line of fans from the day before, who continued to arrive throughout the morning.

Inside the store, many witches and witches are taking selfies in front of red phones that are supposed to take them to the magic ministry.

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Others try on knitted quiditch shirts, enjoy the leaves at the bar with “buttermilk” or copies of these novels, which have sold half a billion copies worldwide.

“Buttermilk foam is like soda, more spicy. Equal, not obvious, ”explained Emily Rodriguez, 21.


The store is expected to open in 2020, but the epidemic has delayed.

But it is worth the wait, said Alexandra Ewing, 19.

“It’s the best time of my life, I’m constantly holding back my tears, I love it,” she said.

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