September 25, 2023

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Bonaventure MNA Sylvain Roy exits party Cubacois

Bonaventure MNA Sylvain Roy exits party Cubacois

Recently, there was an incident that broke the bond of trust between me and the leader of the party Cubacois. For this reason, I declare that the party has an obligation to leave the Cubacois Caucasus., The deputy said on Twitter on Friday morning during question period in the National Assembly.

I sit independently and defend the interests of Quebeckers, Gaspacians and my riding people.

A quote from:Sylvain Roy, Independent MP for Bonaventure

Sylvain Roy did not elaborate on the incident that led to the rift between him and party leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon. However, sources in his entourage say he has been in the idea for months.

Of all the PQ members sitting in the National Assembly, Sylvain Roy was the only one Oppose the idea of ​​extending Bill 101 to CEGEPs. According to similar sources, this was the position taken by his party Drop too.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon said he learned of his MP’s departure on social media. If he agrees that he left this exit as expected, he wants things to change differently.

We may like to do it with more elegance and more collaboration, He says.

Paul Saint-Pierre-Plamondon, leader of the party Cubacois, anticipated the departure of Sylvain Roy (Archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon said he was relieved by the decision as cooperation had become difficult.

For many months now, we have had difficulty in reaching an agreement in terms of Caucasus activities and political tendencies, so this is a result that should not come as a surprise to us. Every day, we have fewer participants, He explains.

In many files, there is no connection, no trust, there are problems with the whole caucus, so it should come as no surprise to colleagues. It is greeted by the Caucasus as an outlet for a dead end.

A quote from:Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the party Cubacois

At Party Cubacois, we have tendencies, we are carrying out renewal and there are those who are committed, there are those who are less committed, it is his choice. We have a plan, we will continue. For the rest, you will see the solid party Cubacois, He says.

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Head of Because Sylvain Roy’s departure will also ensure that the party’s financial resources are not affected.

Many PQ members share the sense of relief expressed by their leader, including Jonquier, Sylvain Goudralt member and Caucus chair Because, Voronic Hivan.

Honestly, it is a relief to lose a colleague because there have been a lot of incidents that have broken the bond of trust between Sylvain and the Caucasus. In the last few weeks it has been very difficult.

A quote from:Voronic Hivan, president of the party Cubacois Caucus

I came to a conclusion that Sylvain’s departure was the only possible outcome. Apparently, I liked what happened differently. Friendly divorce, I wish we could do it by consensus … Sylvain took another path, Describes the member for Joliet.


Voronic Hivan, president of the Cubacois Caucasus Party and member of the Joliet (Archives) Parliament.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Coulomb

For his part, Gaspay member, Maganne Perry Melanion, said she was saddened by the departure of Sylvain Roy, although she also backtracked.

We do not have this proximity to work together on issues in our area. It may be the right thing to do, if everyone wants to find their own comfort zone and leave that zone party for Sylvain, we can only observe his decision., She says.

However, Meganne Perry Melancon stated that she would continue to work with Sylvain Roy and that her departure would have no bearing on the way Gaspai’s interests were justified in the National Assembly.

One party is already weakened

Sylvain Roy’s departure comes on top of that Catherine Fournier in June 2019, Later became Quebec Solidarity The second official opposition group.

Rimowski member, Harold Label, Also sits independently From December 15. He was expelled from the Caucasus after facing charges of sexual harassment. His trial has not yet taken place, he should know the date in September.

The party Cubacois now has only seven members in the House, three less than the Quebec Solidarity. There are 10 in the 2018 election.

Mr. Roy was first elected in 2012. Bonaventure riding with the Liberal Party was a pleasure. In 2018, he was re-elected with 39% of the vote, beating his opponent by 10%.

He is the party’s Cubacois representative for housing, fisheries and regional development.

With information from Alex Boysonnault