May 23, 2022

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Franకోois Legalt’s disturbing mood

Franకోois Legalt's disturbing mood

In Quebec, the vaccine is doing well, COVID is declining, we are deconfiguring, the economy is recovering (as well, according to the finance minister).

Government-supported stratosphere; Opposition parties are doing worse.

But Franకోois Legalt was in a terrible state of mind. Find the mistake.


During question time yesterday, he recalled Jets player Mark Skyfile before attacking Jake Evans: he was trying to beat all his opponents without distinction!

Many of his responses were drowned out by surprising arrogance.

For example, he felt that QS co-spokesman Manon Moss and PQ parliamentary leader Pascal Burbe did not understand the “difference between the shares listed on the stock exchange and later the shares in a private company”.

In his view, the founders owned shares in a private company, As Pierre FitzGibbon, Seems to have superior faculty.

  • Listen to the political column of the head of the parliamentary office at Remy Nadeyu Quebec Journal And at Journal of Montreal, To QUB Radio:

At PLQ, Pierre Arcond only seems to be eligible, but underlined by the Prime Minister, he laments that he did not have a “good relationship” with his employer and suffered a great deal when he had to sell his shares.

(Mr Arkand spoke to me in an interview on QUB Radio. However, he supported the rules of the existing code and encouraged Mr FitzGibbon to abide by it.

Surprising statements

This morning, the Prime Minister concluded with a bold thesis: “If we have anything [des entrepreneurs] Under previous governments, Quebec had no wealth gap [avec le reste de l’Amérique du Nord] We have right now. “

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Instead of PQ’s Pascal Burroughs, he wanted to imitate Jean Charest, “said Cubacois. […] What sovereignty they have ”. Before adding: “Every time I talked about economics in the Caucasus, no one was interested. “

Strangely, Mr. Legalt often refers to Bernard Laundry – not later than Wednesday. Does this mean that the latter and Lucy Bouchard are not listening to him?

Significant damage

To the Prime Minister, we understand that the loss of Pierre FitzGibbon is painful. This hyperactive financier, sometimes refreshingly speaking publicly, but above all the architect of the government’s economic development policy, is missing the cabinet.

But he is a Member of Parliament. Finance Minister Eric Girard can be contacted as agreed yesterday.

And this is far from a definite loss. It seems that Mr. FitzGibbon will have no trouble selling his famous stocks.

Once his condition is sorted out, he returns to his post. Unless something else is blocking him? Worried Mr. Legalt?

Otherwise, why would the Prime Minister take part in these “illusions shortcuts”, as Dominic Anglade wondered in a room yesterday, on a rare sensational excursion? Achieve political points?

I heard you say to me: the great Kovidian fatigue will probably make him sour. Being the head of government in the midst of a health crisis is so easy!

If so, the holidays are strong for our Prime Minister, as fatigue will make him forget his 2018 promise to rule with “humility”, “humanity” and “openness” right now.