May 23, 2022

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Immunity: A quick guide to the second dose | COVID-19 | News | The sun

Immunity: A quick guide to the second dose |  COVID-19 |  News |  The sun

For those who are immunocompromised or have not yet received their second dose of dialysis, the recommended interval is four weeks to quickly optimize their immune response.

Can I keep my actual appointment date?

Yes, the initial appointment can be made even after the first 16 weeks.

The eight-week delay is minimal. If the appointment, once developed, is resolved a few weeks later to 16 weeks, the care will be just as good, Public Health explains.

If I was given priority to administer the first dose (school employee, chronic illness, for example), would I still be there?

Nope. This second-dose appointment shift sequence is preferred only for older people because the elderly are at risk of developing complications from COVID-19.

Hence there is no longer a question of prioritizing school workers or certain groups suffering or at risk of chronic illness. When given the first dose, the decision to prioritize certain segments of the population was explained by the lack of vaccines.

Can I be vaccinated anywhere other than my first dose?

Not ideally. By changing the second appointment date, the Click Sante system will deliver directly to the place where you received the first dose. In the case of logistics, it is advisable to vaccinate in the same place for the first time.

However, walk-in slots are also provided for the administration of second doses. Without registration, it is possible to change the site more easily, if necessary.

Why should I take my second dose?

Protection was not completed after a single dose. According to officials, the second dose is needed to “contain COVID-19 and reduce the risk of transmission, increase the vaccine’s protection rate and provide long – term protection. It is therefore possible to obtain a complete immune response and extend the duration of protection.

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A second dose may also be required to travel abroad. Details around the vaccine proof, including the QR code sent via email to those who were vaccinated, will also be revealed next week. It remains to be seen whether the government has decided that only vaccinated people can go to certain places.

With my two doses, when was I rescued?

The Department of Health and Social Services says you will be adequately protected one week after receiving the second dose.