December 1, 2023

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Nearly 2,000 dengue fevers a week in Reunion: Hospitals asking for help

Nearly 2,000 dengue fevers a week in Reunion: Hospitals asking for help

“I want you to know that, but the government welcomes the fall Kovid, Is here Meeting, We will definitely die of dengue than Kovid! “, Suggested One of our readers Thursday, June 3 Reader’s Mail. Over several weeks, the number of cases per week is high (an average of 2,000 infections per week) and there are many more severe forms of the disease, note Regional Health Organization (ARS) in a press release.

So, “21% of hospitalized patients for dengue fever have a severe form”. Dengue 1, transmitted by mosquito bites, has killed 12 people directly linked to the diseaseIs January 2021.

There are currently 462 people in the hospital and nearly 2,400 went through the hospital emergency departments last week.

“Importance of removing breeding grounds”

The western part of the region is particularly affected. Center Hospitaller u East Reunion (CHOR) is asking for help. According to Dr Katia Mougin-Damour, head of emergency services, the service has seen a 50% increase in daily visits. As pointed out The 1Back, The hospital has no specialized service for dengue fever and traditional hospital services are already saturated.

The ARS recalls the basic recommendations: “Seek immediate medical attention when activity symptoms occur and go to the hospital in case his health deteriorates further, especially on the 4th day when severe forms appear.”

The officers also recalled “The importance of removing breeding grounds in yards and gardens, protecting yourself from mosquito bites and protecting yourself even when you are sick, is to avoid getting bitten and spreading the disease to those close to you.”.

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According to the Anti-Vectorial Department, “15% of households visited in 2021 have registered at least one breeding ground (up from 8% in 2020)”.

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