March 30, 2023

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In memory of Tiananmen Square | Beijing has criticized the US and the EU for their candles

In memory of Tiananmen Square |  Beijing has criticized the US and the EU for their candles

(Hong Kong) Chinese officials felt that the candles lit by the consulates of the United States and the European Union in Hong Kong to commemorate the events of June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen were referring to a “clumsy political scenario” aimed at destabilizing the territory.

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“Any attempt to exploit Hong Kong to carry out incursions or acts of sabotage against the mainland [la Chine continentale, NDLR] Crosses the red line […]This is completely unbearable, “said a spokesman for the Hong Kong Foreign Ministry.

“We call on Hong Kong to suspend its membership immediately […] To interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong and the internal affairs of China in general and to avoid playing with fire.

Beijing-appointed Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam lit candles Friday evening at the residence, as well as the windows of the U.S. Consulate building adjacent to the European Union office.

Photographs of tributes paid to Tiananmen by candlelight vigils were posted on social networks.

For three decades in Hong Kong, large crowds held candlelight vigils on June 4 in memory of those who died in 1989 during the crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in Beijing.

But this year, no monument was officially banned by Chinese authorities in the former British colony. Police in particular have banned entry to Victoria Park, which is a traditional rally for these memories.

However, some Hong Kong residents have found other ways during the anniversary, including turning on small lights on the streets or in the evening windows.

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As last year, authorities launched sanctions on the coronavirus pandemic to ban vigilance. However, no case of local pollution of unknown origin has been registered in the city for more than a month.

Last year, police already banned it, but saw to it that thousands of people in Victoria Park did not interfere with the gathering. Some administrators have since been jailed.

Within a year, the political climate in the former British colony had deteriorated significantly with the relentless repression of the pro-democracy movement that had massively mobilized the population on the streets in 2019 against Beijing’s intervention.