July 6, 2022

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The first heat wave of summer | “We must be prepared,” Environment Canada warned

The first heat wave of summer |  "We must be prepared," Environment Canada warned

As of this Sunday the first heat wave of the year is expected in the southwest of the province, causing some municipalities to anticipate that the beaches will open. In Montreal, the epicenter of the wave, the town hall called on metropolitan residents to be careful.

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Environment Canada released a special weather report on Saturday to warn the population affected by the heat wave. “You have to be prepared for the heat,” warns meteorologist Maza Rapaik.

From this Sunday, “hot and humid air” will sweep the southwestern part of the province, from Pontiac to Estre and from Marisi to Vadroil-Saulanges.

Temperatures above 30 ° C are up to 39 there.

Monday is the hottest day, especially in Greater Montreal, with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. The next few nights are also hot, with a minimum temperature of 20 C.

Overnight temperatures from Tuesday to Wednesday should be on the seasonal side. In Montreal, we have to wait until Wednesday morning.

According to OmTo me Rapoic, this heat wave is not uncommon this season. However, summer is “hotter than usual” in the southwest of the province. In the rest of Quebec, we announced summer as before.

Early opening of beaches

Following the hot episode In, Gatino Municipality has come forward to launch its beaches, to cool the areas of its residents. Thus, the beaches of Mouset and Codres Parks, which are set to open on June 19, will be exceptionally open next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as we can read in the press release issued by the city.

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In Montreal, municipal outdoor swimming pools and wadding pools are scheduled to open on June 19. However, this ensures that the city takes all necessary precautions to protect its residents.

“In the wake of the expected hot episode of the next few days, Montreal, through its Civil Protection Center, is closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with the boroughs to refresh themselves to provide the population with the measures it needs,” spokeswoman Melanie Gagne said in an email.

She recalled that actions could change, according to Burrows, and called on residents to “look for various exchanges of information from the city on the matter.”


During extreme heat, Environment Canada warns that “your health or the condition of your loved ones will deteriorate rapidly.” To protect yourself from the heat wave, it is recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water a day and, if possible, spend at least two hours a day in an air-conditioned or cool place. It is also good to reduce physical exertion and cool down regularly with wet towels or by bathing or showering.

Finally, Environment Canada suggests that care be taken to check the news of those closest to them, especially vulnerable individuals and those living alone.