May 20, 2022

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Democrat Joe Mansin opposes the electoral reform that Biden wants

Democrat Joe Mansin opposes the electoral reform that Biden wants

(Washington) Democratic Senator Joe Munchin on Sunday announced his opposition to electoral reform, effectively defending the bill in Congress, and strongly defending it against “unprecedented” attacks on the right to vote. African-Americans voted.

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This text, submitted by Democrats, will neutralize the fifteen laws that Republican states have already passed since January and, according to their opponents, will restrict access to elections by tightening election rules.

“I think this is the wrong bill to bring our country together and I think it will further divide us,” said Fox, a centrist MP representing Washington, a conservative state. West Virginia.

Any electoral reform “must come from a union between Democrats and Republicans to move forward, otherwise we run the risk of dividing and destroying the country,” the senator previously wrote, announcing his controversial position in a column in the Charleston Gazette-Mail newspaper.

At the same time Joe Munchin reiterated his fierce opposition to removing a rule that required almost all bills to go through a procedural vote that would require 60 votes in the Senate.

Due to the narrow majority of Democrats (50 out of 100 senators, plus Vice President Kamala Harris vote) and the deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans, this rule is largely disabled on Joe Biden’s social agenda.

Its economic reforms are likely to receive a general majority thanks to the exception to this rule.

The Electoral Reform Project (for the People’s Act) was passed without a Republican voice in the House of Representatives in March.

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Among other things, it plans to expand the possibilities of voter registration, including on polling day, and to access ballot boxes by enrolling in legal pre- and postal voting.

Assured to Democratic President Joe Biden1Is Condemning the “completely unprecedented” attacks on the voting rights of minorities, June must fight “like the devil” to get this text adopted in Congress.