July 5, 2022

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In Valence and Annone, the sewage is checked to follow the Kovid epidemic

En analysant les eaux usées à l'entrée des stations de Valence et d'Annonay, les chercheurs peuvent déterminer la circulation du Covid dans la population. Photo d'illustration.

Sewage from the Valentinois and Annonian was mixed to identify the Kovid. Valenz and Annone Sewage Treatment Plant joined Obepine Network earlier this year. A network of researchers who can measure the circulation of Kovid in a population, by analyzing the water leaving our toilets.

Researchers have observed that Kovid attacks our airways, and in some cases even our intestines. “There is enteric attack. The virus attacks the cells in the intestine and Part of the patient’s stool was found “,” he said. Captured by Yvonne Made, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sorbonne and co-founder of the Obapine Network.

Follow the infection more closely

While everyone is going to the toilet, the virus in the stool comes at once Symptomatic patients and asymptomatic. The element that allows you to see More precisely the evolution of the infection. Thanks to analytics, the Obapine Network was able to overtake Kovid’s second wave in the summer of 2020. “Everyone goes to the toilet, especially young people, who take advantage of the summer and deconstruction to catch the covid. The virus was able to spread in this population without much population.”, Explains Yvonne Made.

At stations monitored at the time in eastern France and the Paris region, researchers are seeing an increase in the concentration of viruses in wastewater. “We showed up early because we could not identify the patients.” Said Yvonne Made.

Condition in Valence and Annone

The Valences in Annone and the Mouboul Sewage Treatment Plant in Acantia joined the Obapine Network at the end of 2020. They provided the first models in early 2021. Since then, Kovid’s presence in the wastewater has declined in Valence. The index went from 100 to 80, which means the average level of transmission of the virus. In Annona, the index rose from 120 to 70 in mid-May. “Is there a relaxation by the time the detention ends on May 19? This is a phenomenon that needs to be explored in a backstory with society.” Said Yvonne Made.

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