May 21, 2022

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Prosecution testimony was given by its employees – the La Novelle Tribune

Prosecution testimony was given by its employees - the La Novelle Tribune

On the IHU side of Marseille, the institute is run by a professor Roult And its crews, numerous prosecution testimonies indicate that Kovid-19 was actively roaming there. True, in mid-March and early April, in the building itself, many people tested positive for Kovid-19.

A technician was also placed in intensive care. Next, if he survives, the on-site doctor quickly joins. But why such a cluster in an area that should definitely be safe? If errors occur, especially with an invisible virus, the situation is very different. True, the imposed sanitation rules are not respected.

The health scandal at Marseille’s IHU?

Internally, the case was raised. It must be said that meetings are held without a mask and that social distance is just a concept. What annoyed many of the professor’s associates Roult, With his many reluctances and his speech goes against everything that is said, the reality on the ground.

Many colleagues testified!

That is why, for Express, many relatives and collaborators at IHU decided to respond. For them, working in these situations is not so straightforward, especially since there is a real atmosphere of fear, the affair is only emerging today.

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