June 28, 2022

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Will Plexiglas last longer?

Will Plexiglas last longer?

If CNESST relaxed its rules about wearing a mask at work in the yellow and green zone on Monday, the Plexiglas dividers set up across the province are here to stay longer.

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Although they make communication more difficult, some people want to skip them, as they are very effective in preventing aerosol transmission.

Dr. Mary-France Renault, head of the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at CHUM, believes without a doubt that “it is worth keeping them”.

“Plexiglas is very effective. In a few months we will be able to return to more normal behaviors and get rid of it, but we’re not there yet, ”she told the judges in an interview with 100% Novels.

She hopes these divisions will at least last until the fall, when we have “still minor concerns” this season.

However, she felt that the most important measure was to prevent the contaminated person or those in direct contact from reporting to work.

“People waiting for the test, those in contact should not come to work,” she explains.

She insisted that since there are always cases in Quebec, anyone with symptoms should be tested.

*** Watch his full interview in the video above. ***

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