May 20, 2022

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Best Developers of 3D Slot Games

To put new graphic features into a slot machine is always a great deal. Not just because of an aura of progress but because of style. There is a specific genre in video games. It is called “point and click quest”. These titles were too popular in the nineties, but today they are almost abandoned. And seldom do you see a great example of a 3D slot. The same thing is with a visual novel, especially if the creator wants to keep with a traditional anime style.

Why is it so crucial for 3D EGT slots, for example? The answer is simple: background. The very gaming process on every reel machine is repeating a lot of time. Of course, money is the best stimulus here, but the beautiful background is also vivid. Professional gamblers spend days and weeks in the quest for luck. And good casinos always strive for entertainment, not only a profit.

Little studios make backgrounds and other elements from standard assets and details. First of all, they don’t have a decent number of crew members due to a lack of funds. The next big issue is the licenses. The most prominent and gorgeous slots based on popular blockbusters, TV series, etc. And small developer brands just can’t make a pro[per bargain.

That’s why we are talking about only a pool of renowned vendors. Only they have enough resources to create posh 3d slots with excellent shader effects. Also, the 3D picture is only an outer shell. The core gameplay must be trusty and balanced. In the other case, the slot machine will never meet the top of the charts.

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Let’s take a look at the vendors. You know all of them. Still, for rookies, this brief guide would be helpful.

EGT Interactive

It is one of the rare examples of vendors from Eastern Europe. EGT is Bulgarian-based. This country gave us some interesting 3D technologies, like V-Ray. Many students started their careers in 3D modelling and worked at the local gambling houses. 3D slots from EGT are among the different versions of roulette, blackjack, and other posh card games. The most famous titles of the company are Coral Island, Like A Diamond, alongside some other galore franchises. A unique example of the slots is 100 Super Dice – the game has about 100 playing lines, which is too rare between reel machines.


This company is the patriarch of the industry. Though, they do not want to share their laurels with some younger competitors. NetEnt is still producing dozens of slots every year. The best side of the vendor is a great experience. They started way before the rising popularity of modern online entertainment. Practice makes perfect. And Net Ent gives us perfectly balanced slots.

The quality of their 3D graphics varies from the low-poly background to complicated and galore scenes. The company accepted all of the new graphic features. For example, the developers launched the first successful tries of augmented reality. VR-slots are just starting to develop communities today. But it is the future. NetEnt is riding the wave with great hype, and we are recommending trying these products. Among the prominent franchises, there are Gonzo’s Quest, South Park, Aliens, Mega Fortune.

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It is the bitter rival of the previous vendor. Microgaming is almost that old and famous. The portfolio of this renowned brand is enormous. The company made about 800 slots and continues to fill the case with plenty of new franchises. Of course, there are a lot of 3D slots among them. The traditional flat slots are too usual. People need the latest technologies right now!

The diversity of the games is the strong argument of Microgaming, and the franchises here are also the best. A lot of the high profitable jackpots make here. For example, the fabulous Mega Moolah and its spin-offs develop under the umbrella of this crew.

Yggdrasil Gaming

It is a relatively young vendor among the patriarchs. Yggdrasil was founded about ten years ago but obtained the full license only in 2013. Of course, the developer focuses on the 3D slots. It is the mainstream line of reel machines. Yggdrasil has about 5-6 main teams which produce revolutionary gambling products annually. The brand obtained the Year Prize at the 2017 International Gaming Awards.

The releases of Yggdrasil gaming are respectively about some famous franchises and futuristic design.


Swedish pioneers of 3D graphics. Thunderkick was founded in Sweden and currently works under Maltese registration. Their last ventures are all about new concepts of backgrounds that can turn over the game. Their slots are balanced and very popular in Britain and the Anglosphere. The portfolio of Thinderkick consists of old-school slots too. For example, they launched a traditional Flame Busters reel game with an 8-bit stylization which was widely accepted. The innovative and jolly franchises are represented, for example, by Birds on a Wire.

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A great vendor, creators of Cleopatra and other peplum luxury slots about the ancient world. IGT works mainly on traditional slots, but the studios under this umbrella are numerous. So they also produce modern 3D slots. The company has more than 12,000 employees and can work on several projects at the same time.