December 4, 2023

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Facebook Gaming donates 100% of its subscription revenue to streamers

Facebook Gaming donates 100% of its subscription revenue to streamers

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Image Credit: Facebook

This is for sure Twitter What Josh, Facebook has announced that Facebook will now donate 100% of its revenue from subscriptions to streamers from 2023 until 2023. This applies to all content creators, including its partners and level-up members. As a reminder, content creators can open subscriptions from up to 10,000 members.

Facebook does not even hide its ambitions to compete with Twitch and impose itself. And let’s just say that Facebook doesn’t die for fascination. Although the company has so far donated 50% against 70% of memberships and for Twitch, it recently announced that its streamers హామీ guarantee that copyrighted music cannot be prosecuted or censored.

But is Facebook likely to win over Amazon? Ever since the online sales giant took over, Twitch has become a product of something else, and Amazon has had to clean up, requiring a brand image. However, Twitch has been around for a long time and with its success comes the length of its service. A giant like Microsoft, which owns the Xbox, broke its teeth with the mixer, wanting to compete with Twitch. Facebook can handle this too, but rather than paying for the big stars, the company is targeting all broadcasters with subscribers.

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