May 28, 2022

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Inaccessible to many major media | Wyatt News

Inaccessible to many major media |  Wyatt News

Many websites around the world, major media as well as corporate sites such as the White House or the British government, as well as the Reddit platform or the PayPal payment system, had difficulty accessing Tuesday.

US IT service provider Fastley said at 10:44 GMT (6:44 a.m. Montreal time) that it had “identified” the interruption and was working to “fix it”. A solution “.

Access to many sites was restored around 10:50 GMT, making it very unstable for others.

The site, which has ministries and allows the British to handle a number of public service policies, for example at 10:20 GMT (6:20 am, Montreal time) indicated “Error 503 service not available”

The White House site at the same time referred him to the message “This page is not working”.

Major newspaper sites (BBC, New York Times, Courier del Serra, El Mundo) will at least temporarily display messages such as “Error 503 service not available” or “Connection failure”.

Also Affected by: Swedish Social Security Website,

In France, there are many news sites or concerns: Euronews, Weekly L’Obs and several sites of the Le Monde group, including the daily Le Monde and Weekly Telerama.

When asked by the AFP, the Le Monde and L’Obs groups were unable to immediately identify the source of the failure.

The U.S. provider of cloud computing services quickly reported a site down detector that detected an Internet access problem with information that “indicates a major disruption at fast”.

The latter – whose site is sometimes inaccessible – 09:58 GMT says it is “examining” the potential impact on its CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, namely its content distribution networks.

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The content distribution network consists of a set of servers that assist in making content or data available to users.

The fastest-growing sales in 2020 were $ 291 million. Among its clients: Delivero, Pinnestest and Shazam.