May 27, 2022

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Meghan Benfito regains her Olympic medal

Meghan Benfito regains her Olympic medal

The Quebec diver won three alternative Olympic medals for those she lostA fire broke out in the building where she lived with her partner.

I didn’t cry right away, but watching them made me feel better. It represents all the work and sacrifices I have made over the last 25 years. So, four or five months after the (fire), the remaining 50 days before the (Tokyo) games inspire me, Said Benfito via video conference.

Benfico and footballer Alexander Dupuis burned their Mirabell condo in late January. The 15-unit building was completely demolished. Everything went there, even his vehicle.

I went through total emotions when this happened. But at the same time, with the support and support of everyone around me, I was able to quickly resume training. Through my training I am smiling today.

A quote from:Meghan Benfito, diver

The 32-year-old, who will compete in next month’s Tokyo Olympics, lost two Olympic medals as well as two of his gold at the last Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.

I was able to get back copies of what I bought with Roseline Pillion at 10m Sync at the London Games in 2012, as well as the ones I got at 10m and Syncro at the 2016 Rio Games with Pillion.

The concerned principal, who is currently living in the bachelor apartment, suggested that the medals be kept safe at her parents’ family residence.

Unexpected help

She also highlighted the initiative of her former colleague Melania Reynolds, who launched the GoFund‌me campaign to help her.

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I did not expect. She was a companion I had not seen in eight or nine years. She opened the GoFund ఆమెme the night of the fire, and it was great to see that there are still such people in the world., The crowdfunding campaign has so far raised 900 to 36,900, Benfito said.

All this is going to buy a house for Alex and me. When the epidemic is over, I like to show where their money is. I thank everyone who helped us. In the end, we want to do a little bit Party With these people. But it was not immediately, Benfito said, visually happy.

The event, held at Place Nadia-Komanesi in front of the entrance to the Olympic Park Sports Center, was held Wednesday afternoon at the Eric Miles Institute by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

This is the culmination of a series of shootings between the Olympic Games organizing committees in London and Rio after Plongian Canada and the COC opened fire to obtain alternative medals.

I was amazed that people responded so surprisingly. At that point, I said to myself: “I lost everything”. I never thought to call Diving Canada or COC for help. They took good care of it and I am very grateful, Mentioned about the three-time Olympic medalist.

It’s really nice to receive them before the Tokyo games.

A quote from:Meghan Benfito, diver

Participating in the Tokyo Olympics: Ben Fito now wants to turn the page on this misfortune and focus on what lies ahead.

It was hard last week; I cried. I think that part will always be in pre-games training, where there will be a bit of stress after missing the dive. But I have 40 days left to sort out the final details, so I’m feeling better right now, Says Quebecker.

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Last month, Ben Fito and his Alberta teammate Kylie McKay competed in the 10m Synchronized Diving Event at the Tokyo Games Gold medal at the World Cup presented in Japan.

Before leaving for Tokyo on July 17, Benfito will continue his training for the next few days. She will compete in her first Olympics on July 27.

Of course, this is not the same as other games; We will not have a small camp to accommodate the gap. It will be quick. But at the same time, if there are games, then for me, it fits me perfectly, She concluded.

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