March 22, 2023

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The COVID-19 virus is spreading in the hot-gasspace

The COVID-19 virus is spreading in the hot-gasspace

Two new people recovering from COVID-19 have now officially brought the number of infections in the area to 12. This number is the same From day two.

For privacy reasons, the Regional Directorate of Public Health will no longer extend the number of active carriers MRC, But less than five at MRC de Avignon on Monday. This is the only one MRC The area, with its hot-gaspace, has officially counted cases of public health outbreaks.

Case by MRC :

  • Avignon: 486 cases
  • Bonaventure: 417 cases
  • Rocher-Perke: 482 cases
  • Quote-de-Gaspe: 498 cases
  • Hot-gaspace : 112 Case (+2)
  • Magdalen Islands: 39 cases

Source : Department of Public Health Gaspace – Ols-de-La-Madeleine

Spread in hot-gaspace

In recent days, hot-gaspace is catching on Prevalence of COVID-19 cases. Three classes were isolated from Gabriel-Le Cortois High School and the Hot-Gas Vocational Training Center. The outbreak also affected two bus routes. A total of 220 people are under preventive control after the outbreak.

About ten students, one staff member, were confirmed to be positive.

According to Dr. YV Bonnier-Weiger, Director of Public Health of Gaspe and the Islands, the British variant of the virus is highly contagious. The condition is serious, according to the doctor, but is on the verge of being brought under control.

The number of positive COVID-19 results in the Gaspపే and Magdalen Islands since the outbreak began is now 2034.

The number of people receiving two doses of the vaccine continues to rise in the region. Today, 76% of Gaspasians and Modelinots get the first dose combined, and 16%, the second.

The number of cases in Quebec is declining

In Boss-Saint-Laurent, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CSSS) reported four new virus infections. These are the people who live in Basque, Riviere-du-Loop and Camouraska RCM. Five people, including three in intensive care, were hospitalized in Rimowski.

In Quebec, the epidemic continues to decline. The Quebec Ministry of Health recognized Tuesday 150 new cases of COVID-19, Their lowest level since last summer. Quebec reported 4 more deaths, of which Boss-Saint-Laurent died.