May 27, 2022

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The fragility of the web | Internet failure to expose

Media and Governments |  Difficulties in accessing many websites around the world

(London) Dozens of websites, including CNN and The Website, were briefly inaccessible worldwide on Tuesday New York Times, As well as the UK government homepage, explains how a small number of businesses behind the scenes work after the failure of the Fastley cloud service have become crucial to make the Internet work.

Some of the affected sites also have Amazon pages Financial times, Reddit, Twitch et al Guardian.

A company called Fastley from San Francisco noticed a problem just before 6am. About an hour later, the company said it had identified the problem and a solution had been found. Most sites quickly re-access online.

Not a cyber talk

The company said in an email that this was a “technical problem” and not a cyber attack.

Major US futures markets plummeted just minutes after the blackout, a month after hackers forcibly shut down America’s largest energy pipeline.

Faster Content Delivery Network. It provides “edge servers” for most popular websites. These servers store or cache content, such as pictures and videos, around the world, allowing users to retrieve it quickly and easily.

Its services quickly say that a European user visiting US services can get content at speeds of 200 to 500 milliseconds.

The Kentik company measured Internet traffic, beginning to recover from a rapid blackout an hour after European time touched dawn before most Americans woke up.

Brief internet service interruptions are common and rarely cause hacking or other riots.

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The structure of the web

However, this event highlighted the relative fragility of the Internet’s architecture, as it relies heavily on large technology companies.

“Even the largest and most sophisticated companies experience interruptions, but they can recover very quickly,” said Doug Madori, an Internet infrastructure expert in Kentucky.

During the interruption, visitors attempting to access received a message saying “fast error: unknown domain:”. Tries to access the website of Financial times The UK government site and created a similar message during visits New York Times Displays the message: “Error 503 Service Not Available”, along with an error message about fast dependent technology.