May 28, 2022

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Class action was denied on Air Canada, Transat and WestJet

Class action was denied on Air Canada, Transat and WestJet

Sunwing will be the only airline operating in Canada to provide travel credits in lieu of reimbursement for all flights canceled due to COVID, a court judge ruled yesterday.

Air Canada, Transat and WestJet are not part of the action taken by Alain Lachine on behalf of all customers in the same situation, although he did request. His lawyer thinks sending to businesses is a very bad message.

“We say to companies: ‘Do not pay the dues immediately, wait until a lawsuit is filed against you, and before the trial, declare that you are going to repay, and the assistance will be reduced,” Eric Perrier was surprised.

No reason

Om hearingE Periyar appeared before a judge on March 29 and 30 to persuade him to authorize class action against the four aircraft carriers. Air Canada announced on April 13 that it would reimburse its customers after signing a $ 5.9 billion aid plan with Ottawa, while the magistrate was taking the case to court.

A few days later, Transat was doing the same thing. WestJet, meanwhile, announced in October that it would refund its customers without Ottawa assistance.

“Transat and Air Canada have been waiting a year since they said they were going to pay it back. In the case of WestJet, it’s been seven months,” Eric Perrier said.

Basically, the court said in its decision yesterday that there was no reason in the case of Transat, Air Canada and WestJet, mainly because they decided to pay back.

Elise Talbot, a lawyer for Gasco Goodwill Saint-Germain, is representing Sunwing in the case. Yesterday, she declined to comment on the decision. Sunwing did not respond to our interview requests.

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