May 23, 2022

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Facebook has confirmed that it is working on a connected watch

Facebook has confirmed that it is working on a connected watch

Facebook on Wednesday confirmed that it is working on a Connect watch that will one day be integrated with augmented reality glasses designed by the social media giant.

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Unit head Andrew Bosworth said in a tweet that Facebook wants to launch a smartwatch next year in response to information from The Verge that Facebook reality labs are looking for ways to make these glasses more useful.

According to the specialist site, the watch is equipped with cameras and integrates with Facebook apps such as its image-centric network Instagram.

“We said we want to raise really useful reality glasses – we are investing in technologies that make this interaction more natural and natural,” Bosworth wrote.

“We will say more when we are ready,” he added. “And just like our spectacle work, we consult with third party experts to help get it right.”

Facebook has unveiled plans to launch integrated glasses for smartphones this year as part of its alliance with optical giant Essilar Luxotica.

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