July 5, 2022

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Guatemala and Mexico | Kamala Harris was criticized after her first international mission

Guatemala and Mexico |  Kamala Harris was criticized after her first international mission

(Washington) After her first international visit as vice president, Kamala Harris came under criticism from Republicans on Wednesday, accusing her of not taking the immigration “crisis” seriously, but also of her party’s left.

Olody Cousin and Michael Mathews
France Media Agency

Republican Senator John Cornin told AFP Wednesday in congressional halls that the trip was a “missed opportunity.”

Short sentences

In Guatemala on Monday, Tuesday in Mexico, Joe Biden’s second number was pinned for short sentences, which, at least in the traditional medium, was the primary goal of his visit: to look at the causes in “priority” – poverty, crime – this is Mexico and the “North Triangle” (Guatemala, Honduras) , El Salvador) has pushed thousands of immigrants to reach a record 15 years at the southern border of the United States.

The Democratic president was charged in March with resolving this tedious issue, which she did not take big steps during her visit.

The former senator signed a memorandum of understanding with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lపెpez Obrador‌ to address immigration’s “root causes” and help residents “find hope at home.”

But at every stage, the same question came up: to see for himself the consequences of the “crisis” that Republicans desperately condemned, why didn’t the Vice President still go to the southern border ?.

Joe Biden, according to them, caused these massive arrivals by promising a “more humane” immigration policy after Donald Trump and his “zero tolerance”.

Nervous laughter

Kamala Harris responded by first calling a border cross-border visit a “pose”. Angered by what appears to be constant questioning on the subject, the former senator has several times been nervous with her answers.

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When a reporter asked her again why she did not go to the Mexican border she had this wonderful line on NBC: “And I did not go to Europe”.

Since then many moments have been looping on Conservative channels and Twitter accounts.

Republicans allege that Kamala Harris “thinks the crisis at our southeastern border is a hilarious joke.”

“She will not go to the fault of our immigration system: the border,” said Senator Cornin, four years after Donald Trump’s order, especially on the promise to build a border wall.

“She literally flew over our southern border twice,” another Republican senator, James Lankford, lamented to AFP without stopping.

“Do not come”

On Monday in Ciudad de Guatemala, the former prosecutor gave a clear message “to those who plan to walk the dangerous path to the border between the United States and Mexico”: “Do not come.”

Not enough to convince Republicans. Their “policies are the opposite,” said James Lancford.

The same words angered the leftists of the Democratic Party.

“Disappointed”, the House of Judges sentenced the young man elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cartes.

“This ‘stay here and die’ policy is not a way to promote a more just and humane immigration system for our country,” her colleague Rashida Talib tweeted.

The White House gave him his moderate support. Kamala Harris “President asked her what to do,” spokeswoman Jen Saki told reporters.

For eight years Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden knew this well: the vice presidency, often in the shadows, can sometimes be ungrateful.

At the time, he was also responsible for a sensitive immigration file. His number two faces even more difficult work, experts say, as economic conditions in the region worsen due to the epidemic and natural disasters.

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In the Senate, his Democratic counterparts provided a more voluntary diagnosis Wednesday.

“I recognize her as a strong leader and I look forward to seeing the conclusions of her visit,” Sherrod Brown told AFP.

And then “she’s attorney general to California,” added Tim Cain, a large state bordering Mexico.

“I imagine she knows a lot more about the border than the people who criticize her.”