May 29, 2022

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Safia Nolin launches Rue de L’Eres in “The Wake Version” and “Sunday Version”

Safia Nolin launches Rue de L'Eres in "The Wake Version" and "Sunday Version"

In the dark, Safia Nolin’s most recent original compositions album is dated 2018. She also released the album in 2019 Repeat the volume. 2, She covers songs by Gabriel Destroysmisons, Isabelle Boule and Indochina among others.

According to a statement, Bear Street First composed Six degrees, Simon Bowleris television series. Her addresses According to the musician, the difficulties encountered during adolescence were the most ungrateful period in life. The song was co-produced by director and saxophonist Felix Pelletier, who worked with Lawrence-Anne and Les Longes in particular.

I didn’t want to choose between the two [versions de la chanson], And I do not want the world to choose, said Safia Nolin. Fox I decided to do two versions of it; The best in both worlds.

Each version features a music video directed by Safia Nolin Sunday version, His dog Pizza-Ghetti, and another Version Walk, More abstract.

Back on social media

Interview with Cultural columnist UG Lepine-Blondeau at All morning, The singer opened up about her social media break. She last posted on Facebook To explain his absence Everyone talks about it.

I’m excited to release new music, but I hope the cultural community will welcome me as an artist and that’s all without asking me to get back into business, She explains.

The singer returns to the stage after a slender year of in-person concerts. She will be performing at the Festival Blueblo’s Cast in Carleton-sur-Mer in late June, as well as the Festival en Chanson de Petit-Valli in Gaspace in early July.

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A double-set concert with Martha Wainwright will be performed at the Festival La Nos in Chikoutimi on July 8.

In the exhibition with information from cultural columnist UG Lepine-Blondeau All morning.