May 21, 2022

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Shots | San Antonio Air Force Base on High Alert

Shots |  San Antonio Air Force Base on High Alert

(San Antonio), when the military authorities have been firing at the entrance of an air base in San Antonio, about an hour, struck on Wednesday afternoon.

802 Commander Lt. Col. Brian Loveless said two shots were heard at 11:50 a.m. from outside the Lockland Joint Base.E Security Forces Squadron. Investigators are trying to determine whether the gunfire report is true or false.

He said it was not clear if anyone had seen the gunman or if more than one gunman had been involved.

“We are currently trying to investigate some leads to verify that shots were fired at the facility. No injuries were reported,” Loveless said.

Lockland Base is located on the southeast side of San Antonio and the Air Force does all of its basic training. “There are a lot of facilities at this base that are very important to the Air Force. I like to overreact. [à un signalement de coups de feu] Rather than responding at all, ”the lieutenant colonel declared.

The base issued a warning in the afternoon, telling crews at the Lockland Air Force to cover everyone. Authorities said the shooting took place from the west side of the main base, east of Interstate 410 and near a shopping center.

The warning was lifted after about an hour, “Valley hi” with the exception of the door, said to have been shot shots.