November 27, 2022

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Kovid-19: The regulations have been tightened in all oncology units in Quebec

Kovid-19: The regulations have been tightened in all oncology units in Quebec

Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey on Thursday tightened regulations for unsuspecting employees working at Florimont Hospital in Sherbrook, Estre, following the deaths of four patients admitted to the hospital in the oncology department.

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They were hospitalized in the oncology department.

From now on, oncology units will be included in the ministry decree, which requires nursing staff to undergo preventive checks 3 times a week if they are not vaccinated in certain hot areas such as pulmonology, intensive care or emergency department.

Fifteen doctors from CHUS Florimont demanded it in an open letter on Wednesday.

24 hours later, their message was heard.

“First choice: you get vaccinated. The second option is to be tested 3 times a week if you are not vaccinated and if it does not work you will be replaced elsewhere and if there is no space, you will no longer be employed, ”the health minister warned.

While this announcement is good news for patients now being treated in oncology, it will be too late for the relatives of the 4 patients who died.

Among them was Jocelyn Laliberte, who lost his wife, Celine Haydn, on June 7. A 67-year-old woman is being treated for enlarged large cell lymphoma. She is in final treatment.

“Heal her. The oncologist is talking to him, you have a little lump left, so I keep telling him all the time: in July, we’m going to laugh about your cancer, about your problems. Everything is behind us. She got a leg at the last minute and she never got up, ”said Laliberte.

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The same thing happened to 69-year-old Suzanne Barard-Desatells. She is battling bone cancer, but her doctor gave her 10 to 15 good years. Her son, Mark Desatells, has also admitted that he started planning a trip with his friends in 2022. “It’s boring and it’s still carelessly lost lives, say … base,” Desatells said.