March 30, 2023

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Negativity contributed to the success of the Canadians

Negativity contributed to the success of the Canadians

(Montreal) Defenseman Joel Edmundson on Thursday cited a dance shoe design used by interim Canada head coach Dominique Ducharm to illustrate how negativity has contributed to Montreal’s success so far in the playoffs.

Alexander Geoffrey-Meknis
The Canadian Press

“You have to use hardship in a positive way because it strengthens your team in difficult times,” Edmondson said in a video conference Thursday. “Dome” always says “Polish your shoes and get ready to dance”. Now that we are there, our shoes are polished. So, we are ready to play. ”

When asked what made a good dancer at this point in the season, Ducharm did not go four ways.

“A player has to be able to pull him out Movements Dance without thinking too much about it. It needs to be second nature. So we want to keep them (our shoes) clean, ”he said.

We have to accept that his message will be available so far at the spring tournament. The Hobbs have won seven straight games since losing 3-1 to Maple Leafs in the first round of the playoffs.

Ducharm’s forces were never late in these meetings, which was a series of 437 minutes 53 seconds. This is the second longest playoff streak in NHL history. Edmundsson did not hesitate to compare CH’s defense with the St. Louis Blues when they won the Stanley Cup in 2019.

“They are the same. Both teams frustrate the opponent by being effective on defense; By blocking shots, by playing hard on defense. As we saw in the first two series, it disappointed the opposing team. It makes them tired physically and mentally. The same jumps on me when I compare it to the blues today (from 2019). We must continue to do so.

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“It’s effective. It may not be so much fun, but it works,” Hubs repeated number 44.

Absolutely. The last team to qualify for the second round, the Hobbs became the first team to receive a ticket to the Aces on Monday. The Tampa Bay Lightning joined him on Tuesday night and the New York Islanders followed on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the players trained at the gym and were treated to a visit by former player, general manager and head coach Bob Gaine. Ducharm spoke about the “internal initiative” that has been in place for a few months, not wanting to mention the identity of other guests who have met players this season.

“You know when it’s over,” he said.

Paul Wilson, senior vice president of Canadians Public Affairs and Communications, said Hobbs also took the opportunity to vaccinate their players and coaching staff with a second dose. These precautions were taken in preparation for a trip to the United States.

“Not 100% bad (players are vaccinated). Ducharm said about the rate his players follow for the vaccine operation.

The Canadian knew he would have to face the winner of the series between Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights in the next round, due to a reorganization of the conflict according to points collected during the regular season. The Nevada team can get their ticket to the Stanley Cup semi-finals early Thursday night.

“We are watching this series carefully,” Edmondson said.

The Canadian Friday must follow with another day in the gym. However, Ducharm is set to adjust his plans if the team moves to Las Vegas by the end of this week.

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Fleury will join the team

Defensemen Jeff Petrie and Jon Merrill did not attend the Bell Sports Complex in Brosard on Thursday as the Canadians returned to the snow for the first time since the removal of the Winnipeg jets.

During the third meeting of the series with the Jets, Petrie rolled his right hand as he held his finger in the opening for photographers in the bay window. He missed the next game. For his part, Merrill has not played against the Toronto Maple Leafs since May 27, in which he also rolled his body.

“We have faith (in the case of Merrill). Again, in any game, it’s hard to predict. But he’s approaching (coming back to the game), he’s improving every day. .

Fleury, who has not played in a single Canadian game this season, is one of the players in training alongside Javier O’Leary. Defensive pairs have been intact since the last game against the Jets.

“Kale joins the team for the rest of the week and travels with us. We want to make sure we have eight defenders in training; In terms of depth it is definitely a number. You see him (Flerie) with the team, ”Ducharm said.

In attack, the lines are the same as in the last game. Thomas Tatar, who has not played against Leafs since May 27, is rehearsing with Michael Frolick and Alex Belgile.