May 23, 2022

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Quebec-Lewis Tunnel: Another call for tenders for Link 3

Quebec-Lewis Tunnel: Another call for tenders for Link 3

The Ministry of Transport is preparing to publish a new call for tenders to prepare the first stages of the realization of the third link concept, which was unveiled last month.

Following a call for tenders for an environmental impact study launched two weeks ago, the project office for the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel is now working on a pre-project mandate.

The selected representative will have the task of supporting the ministry “with the intention of undertaking the project according to the alternative mode, calling for the first stages of the supplier selection process, interest and qualification,” a statement said.

Lack of transparency

Earlier today, the subject of the third link bounced once again in the Blue Saloon. Liberal opposition leader Dominic Angled again accused the government of lacking transparency.

“When the Deputy Prime Minister […] The new Coquist tunnel is presented with a kind of sketch, […] Seriously, the engineer in me was even more hungry, said Mrs. Angled. But I said to myself: we can talk to the project director’s office. But no! In all four cases, they refused to talk to the project office director. “

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