May 17, 2022

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Quebec Metro is divided into 21 professionals

Quebec Metro is divided into 21 professionals

Transport economist Robert Gagne believes the construction cost of $ 200 million per kilometer of the tunnel proposed by the Jean-Franకోois Gosselin party is unrealistic.

As far as I know the underground metro project is not in progress, it is 200 million per kilometer. We have so much more than that, Stressed Mr. Gagne in an interview on the show The first hour.

A professor in HEC Montreal has ruled that the population density in Quebec City is too low to justify the construction of a metro in Quebec City.

According to data provided by Quebec 21 (Archives), light trains can reach commercial speeds of up to 50 km per hour, which is 2.5 times faster than trams.

Photo: Courtesy / Quebec21

With an estimate of 200 million million per kilometer of tunnel, Quebec 21 is based on it Comparative metro-tramway study Organized by Sistra in 2019.

Remember that Robert Gagney is one Two independent professionals selected by the city of Quebec To assess the work of Sistra.

Applicable mode

Engineer Robert Vanderwinkel welcomed the Quebec 21 project, which he sees as an improvement on the Labyrinth administration’s tramway.

According to him, the main advantage of the metro is the possibility of adapting the frequency of passages to the future needs of the Quebec population in terms of public transport.

Map of Quebec 21's structured public transport network.

The Quebec 21 Structuring Network project includes 13.5 km of underground metro 17 stations, as well as 4.5 km of roads for trombus or reserved lanes (archives).

Photo: Quebec21

Robert Vanderwinkel argues that the underground metro, freed from automobile traffic and weather conditions, can reach the frequency frequency of one route per minute.

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We can quadruple the total capacity of the line by increasing the frequency, for cars or trains, for the same capacity, compared to the four minutes of the tram. […] It’s not too low, Underlines the engineer.

He said the metro is faster and more convenient than the tram.

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For her part, transportation engineering expert Catherine Morensi denies that Quebec 21 offers a new transportation approach. The debate has been resolved for a long time, she said. The full professor at Polytechnic Montreal is believed to have undermined public transportation projects.

Any politicization of the debate is the same, I think it is a disaster […] Today is not the day to talk about public transport service for the main corridors in Quebec. In 2000, I was already studying this. After all the steps that are there, after the restart of all the analysis, after all the questions asked, we will come back with it. Is it a joke?, Asks Mrs. Morensi.

She adds that public transport projects in Quebec mean politicizing the issue Turn in circles. The citizens of the capital who need a structured network are the first to suffer.