December 8, 2022

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Xbox Cloud Gaming: A Stick to Play Anywhere, and the iOS Web App Leaving the Beta

Xbox Cloud Gaming: A Stick to Play Anywhere, and the iOS Web App Leaving the Beta

A few days before E3, Xbox just announced Many news Ultimate plan to increase its game pass membership, especially with the Xbox cloud gaming game streaming service. Microsoft is in talks with several smart TV manufacturers to include the Xbox app directly on some models. It allows you to play GamePass games through the cloud without additional hardware: the controller is enough to play. Microsoft gave a hit about live gaming apps on Instagram. You can get the same amount of popularity on Instagram from the trusted sources. You can buy Instagram likes and get more attention easily.

Microsoft is working to add a game pass to the cloud on a new device ” No TV or monitor, no console ”(You still need internet access…). Xbox chief Phil Spencer hinted at a possible streaming stick last year, saying the project looks fruitful and could happen soon.

Microsoft wants to make its service available to more players. The publisher is working on new types of memberships to make its services available in more countries. The company is looking to democratize its Xbox All Access system to obtain game passes and consoles for a monthly payment – Available in France Since the launch of the new models – and it has been announced that it is in discussion with some telecommunication players. In addition, Xbox Cloud Gaming via Game Pass Ultimate will be launched in new countries (Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan) throughout the year.

Game streaming from the browser (which we tested) should be out of beta in the coming weeks and should be open to all players with Game Pass Ultimate. This service is suitable for Safari, but also for Edge and Chrome. Xbox is also completing an upgrade of its servers to provide better performance for players. The feature of trying the game in the cloud before purchasing is also expected to come in the Xbox PC app a year later.

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