January 27, 2023

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Opening in Lyon of the 730m2 room dedicated to gaming and e-sports

Notice to geeks and video game ts enthusiasts, a new kind of room opened in Lyon‌ on Saturday 12 June 2021. (© Illustration MN / 76actu)

A special place at Leon (Ron) 8 opens its doorsE Borough. This is “Law Source”, a room Dedicated to gaming and e-sport.

It was two video game ts enthusiasts, Lena Pitch and Romain Ragusa, who mounted the concept and demonstrated it live on the Internet (apparently) this Friday, June 11, 2021.

It all started with an observation: “Playing in your garage is no longer enough,” explained the co-founder. The driving force for the new generation of gamers, A place to make the most of their potential to improve and, above all, to meet other players ”.

“Reat new life into sports”

Breaking down barriers and providing these players with a “real” and no longer virtual space, La Source’s ambition is to host tournaments and open its doors to professionals and enthusiasts seven days a week at the Rue Marius Berliet‌.

Rooms with computers open 730 m2 Divided into two levels:

  • 100 computers Distributed everywhere above the range. They can host regular tournaments or teams
  • Four recording rooms Or “Streambox” for live sessions
  • a Gaming House Romaine Ragusa explains that eight people can sit here for a weekend or one or two weeks, forming coordination between players and “being more effective than distance training”.

All these rooms and computers a Application. Money will be credited based on game time.

To celebrate the opening of the place, Three tournaments Already organized Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 June. One incident joked to the co-founder, “This is not a sausage party because Kovid is in mode”. For registration, Click here.

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