May 20, 2022

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The Xbox Cloud Gaming Series shifts to X hardware and prepares for TVs

The Xbox Cloud Gaming Series shifts to X hardware and prepares for TVs

Microsoft, which has decided to make its Xbox Game Pass available to as many people as possible, is preparing for its arrival on television and is now improving its performance by relying on the Xbox Series X.

Developed as an ecosystem and not built around a single platform, the Xbox universe continues to expand. To do this Microsoft is still relying on its Xbox Game Pass offer, which is becoming more important and now hosts productions from 23 Xbox studios. Microsoft aims to release an Xbox game quarterly to ensure a regular supply of new features.

Xbox Experience Thanks to Cloud Gaming on Televisions

In order to continue to attract more players to its ecosystem, the Xbox is also relying on it Cloud gaming The game is integrated with Pass‌ (formerly known as xCloud). It is available on some televisions so the gamepad is enough to enjoy it. For televisions that are not compatible locally, the Xbox also works on streaming devices, perhaps preferring what Google has to offer with its Chromecast to run its streaming service. Cloud gaming Stadia. If you have a fast enough internet connection and the solutions that will help you to get membership for Xbox Game Pass membership and therefore buy a home console.

Xbox GamePass Ultimate users will also be happy to hear that their offer is available Cloud gaming From the browser (Edge, Chrome or Safari) “In the coming weeks”. What to enjoy on a large number of devices. Xbox Game Pass-In Access Cloud gaming Not new by browser, but currently only available to certain users in beta. More integration will be provided “After this year”, Since then Cloud gaming It will be integrated with the Xbox application on the Xbox PC and Xbox consoles, especially providing the opportunity to try out games without downloading.

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Cloud gaming is now based on the Xbox Series X components

To increase the odds and provide the gaming experience gained with its latest Xbox Series X and Series S home consoles, Microsoft has announced that it has practically completed its upgrade. Data centers. The old hardware based on the Xbox One S was replaced with new ones using parts of the Xbox Series X. What benefits from the latter bring in, especially reduced loading times and greater fluidity. Those who are disappointed to find the Xbox Series X in stock will at least get a taste of what to expect.