May 21, 2022

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In pictures | Their boat was dangerous on the edge of the dam

In pictures |  Their boat was dangerous on the edge of the dam

Four people in a small boat had to be rescued when their boat was pitched Thursday on the edge of a dam in Austin, Texas.

The Austin Police Department responded to a call about a boat on the edge of the Longhorn Dam, but was unaware that the boaters were in such a sensitive condition.

According to CNN, the situation would have been much worse if agents had not shown up so soon.

“It would have been really sad if they had crossed the roadblock,” Austin Police Department Deputy Chief Scott Perry said in a briefing.

“It’s a really high dam and maybe even serious injuries or loss of life,” he said.

The group, not from Austin, took an electric boat ride on Lake Lady Bird and came very close to the dam spillway.

The owners of the boat were distracted and did not notice that they had crossed both mouths.

“When they found out they were almost at the dam, they tried to turn around to avoid it, but the suction was too strong and pulled them against the dam,” said Bradley Smith, a member of the police department’s Nautical Patrol Unit.

According to CNN Deputy Chief of Police, the boat got stuck on the spillway and did not have the strength to free itself.

The team called the boat rental company, which was able to seize the boat and prevent it from moving forward.

The rescue maneuver was also difficult for the authorities.

“It’s really stressful, because as the boat gets closer, we have to make sure it does not move too much to avoid falling off the edge of the dam, but we have to come quickly so it does not fall on its own,” said Constable Smith.

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The story ends well, however, with four people on board rescued and not injured.