December 4, 2023

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Jason Kenny and the art of “self-peel-to-bonanize”

Jason Kenny and the art of "self-peel-to-bonanize"

When listing political controversies related to the pandemic in Alberta, it is difficult to identify anyone other than Jason Kenny.

One of the recent ones is not trivial. Photos of a watery dinner on the terrace between the Prime Minister and his ministers as the deconstruction quietly begins in the province ” Sky Palace Aired.

Photos of Jason Kenny and a handful of distant ministers sitting in front of bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey are a problem in themselves. But, once again, the fallout from this affair caused a lot of damage to the Prime Minister and his team.

Instead of apologizing on the spot, Jason Kenny repeated instead Advertising Nausea He is not violating any rules, is not allowed by public health and is playing on technical details. It took two of his ministers and many Alberts to criticize the incident and finally apologize to Jason Kenny.

After a week of rejection, how do you believe the apology is real? When asked about this, the Prime Minister gave an example and repeated only to be treated well.

We also need to understand all the high and disconnected symbols associated with the place where the famous meal took place.

For the record, former Prime Minister Allison Redford has a high-cost government residence on top of a government building in downtown Edmonton, nicknamed the Press The. Sky Palace. The next scandal ended the Conservative leader’s political career, which was already very tainted.

Kenny style

This policy – justifying yourself before finally apologizing – is becoming a hallmark of the Alberta government in the face of embarrassing questions.

We must also remember the scandal Holiday trips abroad. A minister, several aides and Jason Kenny’s chief of staff saw it as appropriate to move to Hawaii, Las Vegas or London, but most of the Albertans were at home seeking public health.

What did the Prime Minister do when the scandal broke? He initially defended those around him, saying he had not violated the law and had not given adequate instructions for travel. The minister resigned only days after the storm, and Jason Kenny apologized.

Other self-inflicted injuries were also included in this government abuse list. Internal strife over limits, followed Deportation of two aides, Conflicting messages about sanitary measurements and late response to two and three waves. There is a common denominator to all of these controversies: the approach that Jason Kenny himself fueled from the beginning and prolonged the crisis.

Consequently, two years before the next election, the recent election indicates that Jason Kenny is the lowest-ranking regional prime minister in Canada and that the NDP will form a majority government if a poll is held immediately. The right also seems to have returned to its old enmities, the new Wild Rose Independence Party Eating away in support of the United Conservative Party, which was created in 2017, is sure to end the Conservative vote divide.

In short, Jason Kenny wants to get back to normal as soon as possible. As long as you stop putting banana peels in its own way.

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