June 7, 2023

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RCMP officer dies on duty in Saskatchewan

RCMP officer dies on duty in Saskatchewan

The G.R.C. Shelby Patton, 26, a police officer, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said Constable Shelby Patton was following the stolen truck before attempting to stop traffic in Wolseley, Saskatchewan.

She said the officer rocked the truck while he was outside his patrol car controlling traffic. He died at the scene.

The truck continued after hitting the officer and was found in the northeastern countryside of Francis in Saskatchewan. Later that day, Rhonda Blackmore said.

Area resident Tim Taylor said he heard the siren at 8 a.m. and said there were many police officers in the community.

Before, the G.R.C. Two people were reportedly detained in connection with the incident.

It is a man and a woman. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

At present, their identities have not been revealed. The Major Crimes Unit is investigating

Shelby Patton member who left a woman G.R.C. Six years and four months. He served in the Indian Head Detachment in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Residents of the Wolseley and Francis areas in southeastern Saskatchewan were warned during the day that a larger police presence could be seen in the area than usual.

Wolseley City Councilor Ken Drever said the community was moved by what happened.

This is something you do not expect to happen here. We are only a small community. This is the kind of thing you expect to read and hear elsewhere, He he said.

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Wolsley Mayor Gerald Hill offered condolences to the family of the officer.

It’s like losing your neighbors, losing a friend, He he said.