March 20, 2023

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Gooing action on elected officials | Nancy Pelosi wants to hear from the Congress attorney general in Congress

Gooing action on elected officials |  Nancy Pelosi wants to hear from the Congress attorney general in Congress

(Washington) Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said that Donald Trump’s attorney general should explain himself to Congress over the seizure of members of parliament’s data during an investigation into information leaks.

She told CNN that two former prosecutors, Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions, “said they knew nothing about the business” and that it was “beyond belief”.

Photo by Elijah News, Reuters Archives

William Barr

“So we have to swear them in,” the Speaker of the House of Representatives told a parliamentary committee.

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Jeff Sessions

Democrats on Friday denied that the Donald Trump administration had seized possession of at least two elected congressional representatives, Adam Schiff and their relatives, including Eric Schwell and Minor, as part of an investigation into classified information leaks in 2017 and 2018. .

Members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee suspect that the two men provided information to journalists about a very sensitive investigation into suspicions between Moscow and the Donald Trump entourage, the Republican president who initially poisoned everything.

The transmitted data did not ultimately confirm the suspicions.

American Justice also seized data from CNN’s journalists Washington Post And you New York Times They do not know.

The Now The department also requested data in 2018 from Donald McGoan, a White House adviser who is a key acquaintance between the president and the departments, he said Sunday.

“It simply came to our notice then [Trump] – Department of Justice, Leaders [autour] Beyond the former president – Richard Nixon, ”Mr. explained.To me Pelosi referred to the Watergate scandal that forced the former US president to resign.

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She accused the Justice Department of engaging in “thug” behavior during Mr Trump’s tenure.

According to her, it is very necessary to determine whether those responsible for this investigation are still part of the department.

President, the party is okay [au pouvoir], We can’t let that happen.

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in Congress

She said she would decide on Monday whether to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill by Donald Trump supporters.

Lack of support among Republicans prevented the commission from setting up a House text in the Senate.

This commission will gain more credibility if it has the support of both parties.

“It’s about an attack on our democracy, our capital,” she underlinedTo me Pelosi assured that “the American people deserve the truth and have the answers.”