March 22, 2023

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Sanitary measures | Revelers gathering at Kanesatake on Saturday

Sanitary measures |  Revelers gathering at Kanesatake on Saturday

Hundreds of people feasted on Saturday afternoon in Kanesatake, ignoring the sanitation measures still in place. The incident, condemned by Prime Minister Franois Legalt, called for caution.

Massa Fera

Massa Fera

“I don’t like looking at pictures [du rassemblement]. This is not acceptable, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Oka Mayer, Pascal Quevillan, denounced the Revelers meeting, which took place without masks or distance. Mr Quillon condemned the inaction of police officers and said, according to him, the rally should end.

“Can we eat on the public road? Can we park in the 80km zone per hour? No… I have been in communication with Cerete du Quebec since this afternoon. [samedi après-midi]Again, do not interfere on their side. ”

Mr Legalt is said to have held talks with Certe du Quebec (SQ). ” [Les participants] Fined. ”

Before 3pm on Saturday, SQ confirms that there were hundreds of vehicles along Route 344 in Oka. Police spokesman Stefan Tremble said Dukes-Montagnes MRC citizens had informed authorities that the mob was violating health instructions. Agents moved in to control the crowd and ensure security in the surrounding area, but there was no overflow, Agent Tremble explained. The party ended at 9 p.m.

“Currently, we are confirming that there are 344 left [libre à la circulation] , Says Tap Saturday afternoon Cereto du Quebec (SQ), spokeswoman Audrey-Anne Bilodo.

No arrests were reported. Ticket not issued.

“Police can go ahead with an investigation to find out if some participants can be given a ticket.”

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Regarding the SQ intervention, Prime Minister Legalt said “we need to check at what time the police were notified.”

“Negotiations are underway on whether the new police force should be Aboriginal police as suggested by Chief Simon. […] But in the very short term, SQ will intervene if necessary, ”said Franయిois Legalt.