May 27, 2023

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UFC: Israel defeats Adsenya Marvin Vettori in UFC 263 final

UFC: Israel defeats Adsenya Marvin Vettori in UFC 263 final

Full UFC 263 Gala Card

Israel gave Adesanya Marvin Vettori a defensive clinic to win with a unanimous decision to retain its middleweight belt in the UFC 263 final submitted to Glendale.

The two met three years ago, declaring the current champion the winner by a split decision. This time, Adesanya dominated the fight and only the Italian got him in trouble on one occasion.

Vettori made a projection in the first round, but his opponent prevented him from making meaningful strikes and he got up quickly. Many times during the fight, Adesanya was dragged back against the fence, but he was able to avoid the opponent’s punches with the movement of his head.

Champion Vettori made sure his right leg was not damaged by plenty of kicks. He is also capable of counterattack without working on volume. In the third round Vettori Adesanya was able to hold on to the back, but regained the advantage to quickly change the next situation.

The judges were undoubtedly on their card as they closed out their opponent with a score of 50-45 on each card.

Adesanya bounced back with the title defense after losing to John Blachovic for the light heavyweight belt in his final fight.

In the semi-finals of the evening, Brandon Moreno provided a spectacular picnic to remove the flyweight belt from the waist of Divson Figueroa.

The fight was eagerly awaited with two people giving a null verdict last December. The Mexican proved that he was no longer intimidating the champion because of the pressure from the first moments of the fight.

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The 27-year-old new emperor pushed Figueroa off the field in the first round and he scored points with his work. This scene was repeated in the second attack before he put his hands on the belt. He grabbed his opponent’s back and finally removed the offering with his choke and began the ceremony.

The victory was clearly passionate about Moreno, who had previously been expelled from the UFC, and that night he became the first world champion to come from Mexico.

Earlier, Leon Edwards had threatened Nate Diaz in the fifth round, but still won by a unanimous decision.

For his part, the years have passed since 43-year-old Damien Maya Belal lost to Muhammad by a unanimous decision.

In the first attack Maya tried to talk his science through several ground projections, but Muhammad’s defense was impeccable. As can be seen for the rest of the confrontation, Maya did not believe in the last two rounds and Muhammad did what was necessary to withstand the judges (30-27 and 29-28 x 2).

Paul Craig throws the main card, severely disposing of his opponent Jamahal Hill’s left hand to win the knockout. From the first round. He grabbed his opponent’s left arm and released his Key Hill arm, he was still trying to move on.

Craig beat his opponent until the officer intervened late.

Terence McKinney had a sensational entry into the UFC. He is a K.-O. Seven seconds after his fight in front of Matt Freevola.

He finished fourth in UFC history for a knockout. Faster. The ceremony was short, however, as he appeared to have injured his knee during the ceremony.

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