May 29, 2022

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#Moassi Movement: Comedian Alex Dowville paid nearly 000 120,000 on internet users

#Moassi Movement: Comedian Alex Dowville paid nearly 000 120,000 on internet users

The comedian, who is believed to have been defamed online as part of the #MoassiWhistleblower movement, is now seeking nearly 000 120,000 in compensation.

Alexander Dowville, who was the target of allegations published online last summer that he acted as a sexual predator, sought compensation in a Quebec court last week.

On July 11, 2020, Sebastian Saint-Germain posted a publication online on his Facebook page, “Disnome”, which was targeted by a number of people to denounce the actions of Alexander Dowville. Supports screenshots on behalf of his best friend.

Two other Internet users, Johnny Cote and Melody Danis, also testified against the comedian on Facebook. The first portrays him as “sexually perverted, anonymous and abusive”, the second publishes screenshots of the conversation via text messages, where Alexander Dowville appears to be trying to kidnap her, can we read the question? .

As a result of these allegations online, the comedian lost contracts and ticket sales while performing and producing. “The applicant had to give up all ideas related to the public profession in the world of comedy and returned to school because it had damaged his reputation,” the court documents explained.

At his request, Alexander Dowville argued that he should lose sleep and hunger.

For these reasons, he is claiming a total of 9 119,275, mostly in loss of income, but also in moral and penal damages.

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