March 30, 2023

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The Gaming Palois Association promotes video games

The Gaming Palois Association promotes video games

The Gaming Palois Community that connects video game ts enthusiasts on Retro, NextGen, PC-Mac or current consoles. It participates in competitions, tournaments, events, but also hosts its own events in the Southwest. These members represent a quarter of the city in these electronic events and since you have to be effective, they have to play a little, a lot, passionately … day and night. Its president is Baptiste Paublan, guest of the Blue Born Bigore of France.

But who are these strange creatures in front of these screens?

Do not hesitate to imagine that girls are not represented, because the gamer’s profile is very different according to age and gender. The teenager only spends his time in front of the screen, which is wrong. Those who know the “vintage” console are now 40 years old and we must not forget that they are very ruthless. Super Mario fans will never disarm! Pandemic prevented Gaming Palois Since it is possible to participate in public events but play online, the activities are not interrupted and the group is active on all social networks.

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