June 26, 2022

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The Netherlands won the first Euro match of the madman!

The Netherlands won the first Euro match of the madman!

The Netherlands beat Ukraine 3-2 to advance to the Euros in front of a crowd of 16,000, as many as 50,000 in Amsterdam.

After missing out on Euro-2016 and World-2018, “Orange”, returning to the international tournament, shares the Group C lead with Austria, the winner of North Macedonia 3-1.

The meeting was presented to TVA Sports.

The men of Frank de Boer will host the second day of the group on June 17 in Austria, again in Amsterdam.

For an hour, “Orange” dominated: Vignaldum in midfield and DePay in the attack, a team that was well aware of its strength. Coach Frank de Boer’s men were logically rewarded early in the second half by Wignoldum (52nd) and Vegorst (58th).

Then lightning struck the Johann-Croof Arena: in four minutes, Yarmolenko (2-1, 75th), Yarenchuk (2-2, 79th) turned the match around!

In front of one of the great men of the evening, Dumfries, by bringing Jinchenko to the surface, he scored the goal ornament of the head (85th) to give victory to all who deserved his team.

Despite the absence of several key players, including defense boss Mathiez de Ligt, who is slowly recovering from a groin injury, the Netherlands put in an excellent performance for an hour as they entered the running.

At the top of the game, those with the most duels entered the match at 100 per hour and created a good half-dozen chances in the first period.

The first 45 minutes man was clearly Ukrainian No. 1 George Bushchan. The Dynamo Kiev goalkeeper initially avoided a knockout entry in the second minute by folding a shot from Depay, three minutes later before saving a high-class reflex against Dumfries.

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In the absence of Virgil van Dijk he made several decisive excursions and saves in an attempt by Dutch captain Wignoldum (39th), who was injured for several months.

The result: 0-0 at a break that did not reflect the dominance of “Orange”, 16,000 fans were so happy to help restore football to its famous voice, sadly extinct more than a year behind closed doors.

Let go of Ukraine in the early minutes of the second period. In one block, Dumfries crossed from the penalty spot. Bushchan came in well to repel the ball, but Wignoldum appeared to score with a shot from the edge of the area from behind the defense (1-0, 52nd).

Six minutes later, Datfries (2-0, 58th) was rebounded by Wat Weghorst as an opportunist after the ball had been severely repulsed by the defense.

In view of the physiognomy of the match, one can believe that the match was folded.

It is calculated without the fighting prowess of Andrei Shevchenko players. West Ham striker Yarmolenko first reduced the score (75th) to twenty meters from the left foot with an excellent rolled shot. Yarenchuk then successfully took a free kick taken by Malinowski (79th) from the head at the penalty spot.

But the Dumfries emerged (85th), and gave the Netherlands three valuable points.