May 21, 2022

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The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes

Performance Judges, Broadcast New Since 2017, he has faced serious criticism regarding the morality behind his episodes. By the way, 112 community organizations reported demanding that the show be removed from Airwaves Journal of Montreal.

Documentary reality takes us into the world of those who practice the judiciary. Over the course of the episodes, we see many convulsions and dismissals of the most dramatic and surprising homes.

PAL project, A non-profit organization that helps people with mental health issues, sent a message to this Journal of Montreal. The man behind it decided to keep his identity a secret for obvious reasons, but chose Alia as Alia and when the production team Judge Came home for detention, she was going through a dark period.

« This is a terrible day, I’m not myself, She says on a daily basis. I missed it all day. I would never agree to participate if I understood what the show was about. »« I was sick when they did this and my landlord knew it, She directs. He made an arrangement with me, and the judges came anyway. This is not correct. It’s really hard. There have been times when I have thought about ending my life, but I am persevering and strong. »

A complaint has been sent Average Bell, Along with Novo to the production box of the series, Pixcom, Through public organizations, one of which is Project PAL, a way of pulling the strings of a show that exploits the plight of exiled tenants, allowing them to present themselves visually or in more general terms. They are circus animals.

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« Tenants who were expelled from the show were probably in distress », Project PAL explained to the media the person involved in personal assistance and collective action at Anne-Marie Gallant. ” They may suffer from mental health problems, consumption … This is not a sensitive and responsible way to approach these problems. It is discounted and sensational .

As always Journal of Montreal, The complainant alleges that Bell was tainted with mental health issues, but the company is proud to have done so much for a reason: It is an incredible contradiction that Bell co-produced and aired this show by Novo. […] Being an ally should do no harm in the first place .

Bell Media Communications managers said Journal of Montreal They ” It is currently being assessed what changes can be made with Pixcom “. So this is a story to follow.

Of next season Judges Currently in filming and airing on Novo in 2021-2022.