May 20, 2022

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Vadroil-Dorian | The new hospital may be bigger than expected

Vadroil-Dorian |  The new hospital may be bigger than expected

Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey was in Vadroil-Dorian on Monday, announcing the first sensation for a future hospital in the area. When the asteroid population in the region grew, the establishment of 404 beds would eventually be larger than expected.

Ariane Lacorsier

Ariane Lacorsier

Located at the intersection of 30 and 40 roads, the future 1.26 billion hospital will open in 2026, with 404 beds and 11 operating theaters.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Liz Verriolt, deputy CEO of the CISSS de la Monteroge-est East, noted that the population of the Vadroil-Saulanges region continues to grow. So much so, that the clinical plan for a future hospital designed in 2016-2017 may already be outdated.

CISSS de la Monteroge-est Yest is currently working on a new clinical project for the entire territory, explains MTo me Verriolt. The plan will be submitted by the end of 2022. After the filing of this plan, “accept other works for expansion” or increase in services, mr.To me Verriolt. “There is a lot of pressure right now to limit us to 404 beds in your area,” she said.

As a first step, preparatory work will be undertaken. Workers spend time demolishing a gas station and old barn on the ground. Soils also need to be prepared.

Soulanges MP Marilyn Picard enthusiastically greeted the announcement of the first shovel, noting that the new hospital in the area had long since paid off, with the first announcements going back to 2010: We have long wanted to see seeds. We want to go to the gas station […] Finally something concrete, ”said a member of the Saulanges.

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When asked if the network had enough staff to run the new hospital, Minister Dubey said: “As much as we have improved our network, it is possible to find the staff we went to.” OmTo me Verralt said work is already underway with universities and the CEGEP to provide adequate workforce in a few years. Appointments also take place internationally.