June 28, 2022

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Donation to Quebec Conservative Party: Claire Samson Excluded from CAQ Caucus for $ 100

Donation to Quebec Conservative Party: Claire Samson Excluded from CAQ Caucus for $ 100

Coalition Avenir excluded Quebec (CQ) MP Claire Samson from its caucus because she donated $ 100 to the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), in addition to opposing health measures.

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An elected spokesman for Iberville Ride in Monterogy said he knew when the CAQ decision was made. Newspaper Joined her on Tuesday evening.

“Although we have been asking Cubans for more than a year to make significant efforts in this fight against the virus, we cannot tolerate a member of ours who is financially supporting another political structure that challenges and rejects science and health practices.” Mario Laframbois, chairman of the government caucus, in a brief press release.

The Chief Whip’s office declined to comment further.

The $ 100 donation made two months ago to a party led by leader Eric Duheim was the limit provided by Quebec in the election.

“Let’s see”

Claire Samson felt that voters had a right to “have more than one choice in a democracy.”

“I think Mr. Duhaim’s intentions are sincere and he deserves to be promoted,” the man elected in 2014 sighed at the end of the line.

When asked if she intended to join the PCQ ranks, the 66-year-old woman briefly replied: “We’ll see.”

Storm course

Claire Samson’s career at CAQ has been stormy at times.

In 2018, the MP made headlines after Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt was removed from the Council of Ministers. Disappointed and visually very annoyed, she cleverly left the Red Room of the National Assembly before the end of the swearing-in ceremony at that time.

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“Honestly, if I told you I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t get a call I would be lying to you. I’m not angry. Maybe frustrated, but not angry, ”she said at the time.

In addition, Claire Samson previously informed the CAQ of her intention to represent herself under party colors in the 2022 poll.

OmTo me Samson is the second CAQ member to leave the party caucus since the party came to power. The Permanent Anti-Corruption Bureau is targeting an official investigation, and MP Louis-Charles Thouin also announced his resignation from the Caucasus on March 30.

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